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Lawmakers in South Carolina have been very busy during the past year, and their hard work is evident in the more than 300 new laws that will take effect in 2019. Several of these laws are already in effect. Will any of these new laws impact you?

Can You Save Money at the Pump?

Not quite, but you can now recover a percentage of the money you paid at the gas tank in 2018 if you saved your gas receipts. You are entitled to claim a tax credit for a portion of the money you spent on fuel purchases or preventive maintenance on up to two vehicles. It’s time to start digging through those receipts and invoices now!

Need Something Expunged from Your Record?

For years now, South Carolina residents have found it difficult to obtain certain types of employment due to criminal records for such things as minor first offenses, juvenile records, and minor drug charges. South Carolina lawmakers decided to allow specific charges to be expunged, with the added benefit that such charges will not have to be disclosed on a job application.

Worried About Hackers and Your Online Data?

Following a recent major cyber attack against a large health insurance company called Anthem that exposed millions of Americans’ personal information to hackers, South Carolina legislators have passed the Insurance Data Security Act. This law sets standards for insurance companies operating within the state to meet certain data security standards to protect consumers’ private information In the future.

Problems with Your HOA?

Lawmakers were concerned that homeowner associations were not as transparent as they should be. The 2018 S.C. Homeowners Association Act enables prospective homeowners more access to homeowner association rules, bylaws and regulations before moving into a neighborhood. It also grants current homeowners better access to this information.

Need Another Income Tax Benefit?

Across the state, thousands of workers who fall within the low-income range will gain an earned income credit that could lower their South Carolina income tax bill. As this earned income credit is phased in, some workers may see their S.C. tax bill reach zero.

With all the new laws taking effect in South Carolina in 2019, you should be able to find some that will personally benefit you and your family.