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Human trafficking has been a huge issue in the United States for quite some time. Efforts have been made to raise awareness and to end trafficking, but it still remains a problem across the country. California has now introduced two new laws in an effort to fight against human trafficking. Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law six bills that will help put human trafficking to an end. Two of these laws are now requiring human trafficking awareness training in the industries that are more than likely to encounter trafficking victims and activity.

The new laws will take effect on January 1, 2020. The workers of hotels and motels will complete their training by 2020 and transit workers will complete training by 2021. Due to the limited laws to identify human trafficking, providing training for workers in these industries will help become the first line of defense against it. According to Ruth Silver-Taube, who is the supervising attorney of the Workers’ Rights Clinic at the Katharine & George Alexander Community Law Center, “Given the pervasive nature of human trafficking and the limited ability of law enforcement to identify and intervene in these cases, reporting from people on the ground is a valuable tool to combat the problem and protect survivors of human trafficking.” The training workers will undergo will arm them with the knowledge and awareness they need to put a stop to this issue.

California has been in desperate need for these laws because the state has the highest number of reported cases of human trafficking in the country. This law proves their efforts and commitment to bringing this issue to an end. Many of the victims of human trafficking are hidden in plain site along transportation routes and hotel rooms. They went unnoticed and could have been saved if a report had been made. These new laws for training workers to identify victims and acts of trafficking will help to put a watchful eye on the activity that is usually ignored.

With new laws taking effect in 2019, California should see a decline in human trafficking. Training hotel employees and transit workers has the potential to help save many victims. The times these women and children go unnoticed while be transported or put into a hotel room could have gone much differently if a worker had been properly trained.