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For all the political ups and downs that comprised 2017, the American populace set about better informing itself of the ins and outs of their state and federal governments. Individuals are now more invested in the outcomes of local elections and take the time to Google questions they have about the functionality of federal matters such as the electoral college, impeachment proceedings, and various constitutional amendments. If you’re looking to improve your knowledge of the laws of our land but find yourself pressed for time, podcasts may be the perfect solution. On a run, in the car, or while you’re doing chores, you can be imbibing information about our nation and not wasting a single moment. Here are four classic podcasts about the law to get you started.

More Perfect | A highly-praised spinoff of the award-winning investigative show Radiolab, More Perfect takes listeners on a deep dive into the history of the Supreme Court of the US. From its inception to the most hot-button cases in recent history, More Perfect taps lawyers, law scholars, historians, plaintiffs, and more to add some color and perspective to the decisions that have shaped our nation and society as we know it. With lots of motion, sources as far as the eye can see, a compelling plot, and a serious interest in making sure that average citizens know about the history of SCOTUS, More Perfect is a must-listen. Recent episodes have covered sex discrimination, segregation, the second amendment, and issues surrounding hate speech.

Amicus | Hosted by Slate court watcher Dahlia Lithwick, Amicus is a weekly talk show that recaps and predicts court happenings by talking to the people closest to them. Lithwick interviews some of the lawyers who argue landmark cases before the Supreme Court and asks them tough questions about the chance their case stands, the justices’ reactions, and the implications of the decisions that will come down if the justices rule in their favor. Not quite the theatrical radio show that More Perfect is, Amicus is a highly-informative interview style show that will leave listeners with an appreciation for all that hangs in the balance of various decisions.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer | Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams are two old friends in law who talk through current events and big-ticket items on the horizon for all facets of law. Since its inception in 2005, experts and commentators have appeared on the podcast to talk with Ambrogi and Williams to discuss the technicalities and finer pointes of legislation, enforcement, and societal acceptance.  From civil law to business law to everything in between, these two offer polite banter that shows readers every side of a situation.

Serial | This smash-hit podcast produced by Sarah Koenig follows the ways in which laws and rules play out in real life in ways the people writing them could have never foreseen. Some serious sleuthing and a passion for the truth lead Sarah into the depths of some crazy crimes and legal scenarios.  The top-notch investigative reporting and examinations of the failures of the criminal justice system make the series a nail-biter to the bitter end. The much-anticipated third season is due out in the springtime of 2018, so get all caught up while you can.